Sensei Oded Zyssman
Yodan ( 4th degree black belt )

Oded Zyssman (Sandan) was born and raised in Israel.  He served in the IDF, in the 1st infantry battalion for 3.5 years, including 2 tours in Lebanon.  He was honorably discharged in late 1982.

Oded immigrated to the U.S. in 1984 and attended GSU.  His undergraduate studies were at the School of Business.  He graduated with dual degrees in economics and finance.  While at GSU, Oded trained in Muay Thai under Francis Fong. 

Oded began his judo training in 1993 with Kim Nakjun in Marietta, GA, and obtained his Shodan (1st degree) black belt in 1996.  In 1997, Oded joined Leo White's Waka Mu Sha Judo Club, and has remained part of the school since.  Oded received his Nidan rank in 1998, followed by his Sandan rank in 2002.

During this time, Oded befriended 2 members of France's National Team and went to Paris to train in their club on several occasions.  He also hosted them in his home for further training in Atlanta.

Oded has been managing his own hedge fund for the past 14years, and is married.